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Two Glass Gents started as a window cleaning only company, but over the years had expanded into a number of additional services. To promote these services, I had previously designed a tri-fold brochure that worked as a leave behind item with existing customers. While the brochure was concise and effective, when Blaize decided to add chimney and dryer vent cleaning, along with some winter services, we realized a new piece would be necessary.

A folder of sales sheets was initially considered but Blaize wanted something a little less intimidating to the customer. I've worked with him for a long time and he generally gives me creative freedom which makes the design process much more enjoyable. I'm really proud of the the booklet we came up with. Some stock images were used, but most of the content we created ourselves. The addition of the recommended services "bookmark" helps highlight specific areas that a homeowner should be concerned about as the crews survey a job.

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